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Lawler Low Temp Brookfield Bath

Lawler Low Temperature Brookfield Bath

Low-Temperature Viscosity of Lubricants Measured by Brookfield Viscometer

ASTM D2983 | ISO 9262 | IP 267 | DIN 51 398

The Lawler liquid baths are programmed such that the sample cooling rate equals the cooling rate experienced by a sample when immersed in the constant low temperature air chamber.

The bath can also be programmed to cool at a rate of 1°C per minute from ambient to as low as -55°C as per CEC-L-18A, ISO 9262, and IP 267 for the measurement of European low temperature Brookfield viscosity.

Operating temperature range of the programmable liquid baths is +20° to -55°C. Temperature control is within ±0.1°C.

Windows based PC proprietary software is capable of controlling two baths simultaneously. This allows operating baths at two independent temperatures with independent start, stop, and duration times.

The bath is an unsilvered Dewar jar holding about 3 liters of bath medium. The illuminated jar allows full visibility of the test samples to facilitate the proper position of the spindle bead immersion level.

This Programmable Liquid Bath is a bench top model has a single bath with 10 sample capacity.

A Windows based PC is required (not supplied). The bath is supplied with an integral leveling viscometer support rod.

lawler low temperature brookfield bath

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