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Lawler Foam Testing Air Bath

Lawler Foam Testing Air Bath

Heated AIR Bath for Foaming Characteristics of Petroleum Products

The Lawler Foam Testing Air Bathis a four test position heated AIR bath for measuring the foaming tendencies of lubricating oils in the temperature range of +20 to +150°C. The use of heated air to heat the test samples improves the overall safety by eliminating the use of the potentially unsafe, smoking, dripping of, flammable, hot liquid bath medium. Conventional bath fluids darken and require frequent replacement.

Model 323 uses a digital indicating (0.1°C resolution) PID controller for controlling the air temperature in the chamber, with a stability of better than ±0.5°C over the operating range. Novel, sophisticated heating system and control allows the sample to reach test temperature in less than the 60 minutes specified by the method. Long temperature probes are provided for each of the 4 test positions for digital control and test sample temperature display and precise temperature control during the foaming process.

An automated, two channel sequencer automatically starts the air flow after the 5 minutes soak time, after 5 minutes stops the air flow and sounds an alarm, and again sounds an alarm after the 10 minutes settling period (other times are also available).

A touch screen allows the operator selection and full adjustment of all test parameters. All key test parameters are displayed during the test. Also displayed is the time remaining to the next test event requiring operator attention.

Model 323-H is identical to Model 323 with the exception that its temperature range is only 90°C to 150°C. It is suitable for ASTM D892 Sequence II only, and D6082 test methods.

lawler foam testing air bath


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