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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:56


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Laboratory Products Supplied By Labplant

As well as making our own laboratory equipment for over 30 years, we have experience of and can offer specialist analytical laboratory instrumentation and supplies, to cover the industries and applications listed below. As well as making our own laboratory equipment for over 30 years, we have experience of and can offer specialist analytical laboratory instrumentation and supplies, to cover the industries and applications listed below.

Industries We Supply
Asphalt / Bitumen Marine
Automotive Military
Aviation Mining
Biofuel Paints & Coatings
Chemical Petroleum
Environmental Pharma
Food/Flavour/Fragrances Pipeline/Terminal
Fuels & Waxes Plastics
Inspection Process
Lubricants & Greases Refinery
Maintenance Transportation
Applications Used By Customers
Aviation Fuel Balances
Baths & Circulators Biofuel
Bitumen Calibration standards
Cold Properties Colour Measurement
Condition Monitoring Density
Distillation Flash Point
Fuels General Lab Supplies
Grease & Wax Laboratory Glassware
LPG Lubricating Oil
Penetration Quantitative appl.
Reference Material Residual Fuel
Sampling Sulfur
Test Specimens Tribology
Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:50

Laboratory Stirrers & Hotplates

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Laboratory Stirrers And Hotplates


Infrared Hot Plate / Stirrer (WH 220-R)

Max. Hot Plate Temperature 0-550℃,Speed Range 50-1500rpm,Temperature Stability ±2℃

  • Blue TickCorrosion-resistant glass ceramic top plate
  • Blue TickHermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant, solid casing
  • Blue TickExcellent transmittance of the infrared light
  • Blue TickThe top plate can resist up to 700℃ thermal shocks
  • Blue TickFast heating and excellent temperature stability
  • Blue TickExternal control by the connection of a Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Blue TickLarge LCD display for setting and monitoring of temperature and speed


Magnetic Stirrer (WH-410D)

Speed Range 150-1500rpm,Mixing Capacity 1-2000ml

  • Blue TickLED display for convenient control
  • Blue TickLeading microprocessor control technology ensures accuracy and stability of the stirring speed
  • Blue TickStirring plate surface made of stainless steel
  • Blue TickWide speed range between 150 and 1500 rpm
  • Blue TickMixing Capacity (mL) - 1~2000


Overhead Stirrer (WB-2000 M)

Speed Range:40~2000rpm,Maximum Capacity:50L H2O

WIGGENS® offers overhead stirrers for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab for low to high viscosities. Safety, power and intelligence were again at the core of the development of this product range. WIGGENS® overhead stirrers process stirring quantities of up to 100 litres.

  • Blue TickBrushless DC motor, which is very suitable for long-term experimental applications
  • Blue TickStable and accurate stirring process due to latest micro-processor technology
  • Blue TickTotally enclosed and compact casing
  • Blue TickStable and quiet working process
  • Blue TickAdjustable impeller shaft for different heights
  • Blue TickComes with a reversible rotation function
  • Blue TickSoft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
  • Blue TickAvailability of a wide range of different optional impellers


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infrared hotplate stirrer sidebar

Infrared Hot Plate / Stirrer

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Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrer

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Overhead Stirrer

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:49

Moisture Meters

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GR Scientific Moisture Meter - Aquamax KF

Aquamax KF moisture meters have been specifically designed for the determination of water content. Combining coulometry with the Karl Fischer method.

The machine measures the amount of electrolysis current necessary to produce the required iodine – this is an absolute technique which does not require the calibration of reagents.

Aquamax KF titrators have been developed in response to many suggestions and comments from our customers in routine laboratories, off-shore platforms and in the field.

The built-in battery and optional carry case provide the versatility required by the laboratory and also the ease of use and portability required by the field engineer.

Easy to use – Simple to programme:

Only a single button needs to be pressed for a titration, everything else is automatic.

Complete with built-in high speed printer, everything in a single footprint, small space requirement.

Results can also be downloaded via the Results Manager software package onto a pc spreadsheet.


Click here to download information PDF for this product.

Moisture Meter

GR Scientific Moisture Meter


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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:48


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Automatic Transmittance Colorimeter

Objective Colour Data at an Affordable Price

The Lovibond® PFX195 is an economical colorimeter for optically clear samples that meets the demand for consistent and reliable colour data. It removes all subjectivity involved in colour grading, supplying unbiased readings that are unaffected by operator or environment.

Comprehensive Selection of Standard Colour Values

PFX195 colorimeters automatically measure colour and display the results directly, either according to the traditional grading scales that have been widely adopted as industry standards for colour assessment and control, or in terms of internationally recognised CIE values and spectral data.

Colour Testing Made Simple

The Lovibond ®PFX195 is an easy to use, automatic instrument that requires no special skills to operate. The built-in menu guides users through the selection of operating parameters such as colour scale. Thereafter, readings are made with a single key press, taking less than 25 seconds to complete.

Automatic Transmittance Colorimeter

Transmittance Colorimeter


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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:48

Recirculating Chillers

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Laboratory Chillers

Labplant are independant distributors of Laboratory Chillers in the UK.

FL300 Recirculating Cooler / Chiller

For environmentally friendly cooling.

The JULABO FL series offers a new generation of chillers for routine cooling applications within the laboratory and industry. The working temperature range covers –20°C to +40°C, the temperature stability of the PID control is ±0.5°C.

All units can easily be cleaned and are provided with a splash water proof keypad with LED temperature indication. On the front of the units there is an RS232 interface as well as an alarm shutdown. The filling port is easily accessible placed on the top under a lift-up cover. Another hinged tray serves as a file for the operating manual or other documents concerning the installation. The removable venting grid allows an easy cleaning of the condenser, the drain tap is easily acceable behind the grid. All models include an easily visible level indication. Another advantage is the venting slots are on the front and rear and therefore the units can be placed directly one beside the other (space saving).



XT5718LT Refrigerated Circulator

Product Information:

  • Blue TickPatented stepper valve hot gas by-passing and dynamic temperature control for stability up to ± 0.1 °C, for continuous reliable operation
  • Blue TickAvailable with cooling capacity for 400 W, 800 W, 1,200 W, 1,600 W and 2,000 W
  • Blue TickMagnetic driven pump for quiet but powerful circulating, seamless liquid delivery and precise temperature control



F250 Recirculating Cooler / EcoChiller

A compact design for simple cooling tasks

JULABO F models require very little space and have very low procurement costs. Recirculating coolers of the F Series are a great way to replace costly tap water and are ideal for basic cooling tasks.

Your Advantages

  • Blue TickEnvironmentally-friendly operation with low energy consumption
  • Blue TickSplash-proof membrane keypad with LED temperature display
  • Blue TickStraightforward filling and drainingwith filling level indicator
  • Blue TickMay be used with water, water/glycol, JULABO Thermal G


julabo fl300

xtemp 5718


julabo fl300 2

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:40

Reactors & Distillation

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Reactors & Distillation

The SD-06 spray dryer is the perfect all in one research solution, the smallest foot print of any comparable spray dryer on the market and is the easiest of any spray dryer to setup and use by a single operator. The accessories available and the customisability of our units offer the user a multitude of spray drying options and ways to control the operation, giving the best product yield in the industry.

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The SD06 has a chemical resistant stainless steel cabinet.

spray dryer sd 06


A 2 channel nozzle incorporates an automatic de-blocking device

spray dryer 2 channel nozzle


A clear LED screen ensures that all functions are easy to use

spray dryer sd06 closeup


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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:16

Flash Point Tester

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Automated Flash Point Closed Cup Tester

The NPM 450 is the 5th generation of the automated flash point tester developed by Normalab


ASTM D93, IP 34, NFM 07019, ISO 2719, DIN 51758, GBT 261, JIS K2265-3


These test methods cover the determination of the flash point of petroleum products in the temperature range from 40 to 360°C and biodiesel from 60 to 190°C by manual or automated Pensky-Martens closed cup apparatus.


  • Blue TickTest temperature range: 0 to 410°C
  • Blue TickFlash point detection by thermocouple
  • Blue TickElectric and gas ignition (unique combined system)
  • Blue TickRegulated electric ignitor Automatic gas flame relighting
  • Blue TickIntegrated barometric correction
  • Blue TickOne hand easy operation
  • Blue Tick6.4 inch high definition screen
  • Blue TickCapacitive touch screen (gloves usable)
  • Blue TickStandard methods: A, B, C
  • Blue TickUser programmable methods
  • Blue TickPredictive heating regulation
  • Blue TickHeavy sample preheating and automatic stirring start
  • Blue TickFast heating and cooling
  • Blue TickSample cup, probe, thermocouple holder stand
  • Blue TickSmall size

Unit Operation

The NPM 450 Automated Flash Point Closed Cup Tester is operable through an integrated touchscreen and Windows8® based software.


(W) 260 x (D) 460 x (H) 185 mm  ± 12 kg

closed cup flash point tester 01

Efficient & Compact Unit


closed cup flash point tester 02

Stirring & Dipping Arm


closed cup flash point tester 03

Unique Gas & Electric System


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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:14

Orbis STARDist

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Orbis STARDist - Automatic Distillation Unit

STARDist is our brand new Automatic Distillation Unit and includes new and innovative features such as Optical Dry Point Detection, Voc Cold Trap, HD Volume Scan, Automatic Heater Lift, Smart Heater Control and much more.

Methods: ASTM D86, D1078, D850, EN ISO 3405, IP123, JIS K2254, and other related methods


The sample temperature and exact percentage of volume are measured by the Volume Scan before the start of each test. Receiving chamber temperature is then automatically set to sample temperature to eliminate incorrect volume measurement due to thermal expansion. Subsequently, the actual measured volume is corrected to 100% volume.

Flask installer

The simple and elegant flask holder design ensures easy and correct positioning of the distillation flask for both 125 ml and 200 ml flasks.

Moreover it ensures that the probe‘s height in relation to the flask’s side arm is always correct.

Optical Dry Sense

This unique built-in feature for Dry Point Detection eliminates the need for an external dry point sensor. It ensures higher accuracy and easier handling while keeping operating costs low.

Especially suitable for tests in which dry point detection is required (tests according to ASTM D850 & D1078, but also D86 and other related methods).

Voc Cold Trap

Designed to minimize evaporation loss of volatile organic compounds, this unique built-in feature ensures safer surroundings while improving the accuracy and repeatability of distillation results.

HD Volume Scan

The second generation Volume Scan is equipped with a HD CCD camera that provides two times the precision and accuracy of its predecessor in the former PAMv2 distillation unit. Includes Peltier controlled temperature regulation.

Advanced Heat Control

Early-on detection of the distillation behavior and smart internal algorithms enable real-time accurate heater control.

This results in increased IBP/FBP repeatability, “right-in-time” IBP detection and a distillation rate kept smoothly between 4 - 5 ml per minute, even with complicated blends such as 20% ethanol-in-gasoline.

Automatic final heat is automatically optimized for any type of sample, even for “heavy tail” samples.

Software app

Simple screens and logical navigation structure give users quick access to basic functions such as “choose program”, “start test”, “monitor distillation” and “view results”.

Custom distillation points, such as volume at 250ºC, can be added to the test results even after the test is finished.

Password protected access allows experienced users to customize program settings and manage menus for connection to LIMS and Windows PC, printing, calibration and more.

Storage on built-in iPad: 20.000 results, 1.000 programs and 100 users.

Fast Heater Cooling

2 adjustable and powerful fans ensure quick heater and flask cooling after the test is finished.

Fire Detection

Sensitive UV fire detection sensor and connection to N / CO2 for built-in fire extinguisher.

Built-in Drop Deflector

Increases ease of use and reduces operator mistakes from misplacing or forgetting to insert drop deflector.

Automatic Distillation Unit 01


Automatic Distillation Unit 02


Automatic Distillation Unit 03


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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 13:14


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AirSTAR CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) Analyser

The standalone, fully automatic AirSTAR CFPP is our brand new instrument for Cold Filter Plugging Point Testing.

While fully compliant with conventional CFPP methods and equipped with all control options that are also present in similar instruments, AirSTAR CFPP offers today’s latest and most innovative technology such as NANOtech insulation, microprocessor controlled vacuum pump, solid state liquid-free cooling engine, wireless power and wireless control.

With integrated, solid state cooling down to -105ºC/-157ºF, a bench space of only 15cm/5,9″ (the width of the integrated iPad Mini), the innovative & easy hand-held CFPP module and a no-cables-no-hoses configuration, AirSTAR CFPP offers customers an instrument that is powerful, easy to use, flexible and future-proof. And, of course, with highly accurate and comparable test results.

Operation is easy and fast with the wireless hand-held CFPP module, in which all necessary components for the CFPP test are encaged. The intuitive software on the iPad Mini ensures a short learning curve for operators, so they’re able to create and customize programs and settings quickly. Multiple users and user acces levels can be created by the administrator.

Automatic cleaning is done when the CFPP pod is placed in either the ColdBlock cooling bath or the external cleaning station.

The iPad Mini can control up to 8 CFPP pods simultaneously, which gives customers the flexibility to make any combination of multiple ColdBlock cooling baths, multiple cleaning stations and CFPP pods. With this modular approach a customer’s investment in AirSTAR is always future proof.

Modern, versatile data handling option such as; send to LIMS / Windows PC, make PDF, send email, multiple printing options and more, enable AirSTAR CFPP to fit in flexibly in any existent data workflow.

AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer

The AirSTAR CPPP software application is designed for easy & flexible control. It offers extensive options for data recording and display, and many options to customize programs. Test results and progress animation are displayed real-time.


The ColdBlock integrated cooling unit is friendly to environment, people and maintenance department. With the capacity to cool down to -105ºC, no external chillers are required. ColdBlock is completely liquid-free.


AirSTAR CPPP is modular: ColdBlock and CPPP Head are modules that can be combined and used independently from one another. Imagine for instance two ColdBlocks and three CPPP Heads, where one Head is always clean and ready for start on either one of the two ColdBlocks.


AirSTAR CPPP is full of innovative technology that makes CPPP testing easier, faster, and more reliable. One example is the cable-free design. Users simply take out the CPPP Head from the ColdBlock and put it in the optional Docking station, and vice versa. All without having to (dis)connect any cables or hoses.


AirSTAR CPPP strictly conforms to applicable ASTM, EN, IP and JIS methods, and results are reliable and precise. Results are stored on the iPad and printed on almost any printer. Other options: connect to Windows PC, send to LIMS and/or email results directly from the iPad.

CPPP Head features

  • tick One Head for both cloud point and pour point testing
  • tick High resolution camera for accurate detection of cloud point and pour point
  • tick Integrated microprocessor-controlled mechanism for lifting and tilting the jar
  • tick Powercast® technology for wireless power to CPPP Head
  • tick PT-100 with easy click-connection, built-in storage for calibration data & unique ID
  • tick Easy assembling
  • tick Create linear and stepped cooling profiles
  • tick Simultaneous CP and PP testing possible
  • tick Programmable warm-up of cooling bath before and after test
  • tick Specify end-test conditions in program
  • tick Monitor and record sample cooling rate data
  • tick Define “Start at” temperature for each test
  • tick Multiple users with variable access rights can be created by the administrator
  • tick Connect multiple CPPP Heads to one ColdBlock

airstar cfpp tester logo

Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 01


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 02


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 03


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 04


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Labplant UK Product Servicing

We offer a wide range of services supported by well trained and experienced staff using today's technology.

The following provides a guide to the range of services and only represents a cross section of those covered.

We provide a centralised, co-ordinated approach to calibration management operated by a single team employing a PC database for scheduling work with a 48 hour response equipment repair service.

Calibration and service certificates are supplied, which are traceable to national standards.

Service reports are supplied detailing faults found and rectified.

Calibration certificates can be supplied after repair.

Method development service or assistance and problem solving services for analytical equipment and/or methodology along with training in many aspects of analysis and calibration make us a one-stop shop for your servicing.


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product servicing 2


product servicing 1

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