Density Test Kit

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Density Test Kit


Labplant-Zematra manufactures a density unit which is fully in accordance with the specifications as mentioned in ASTM D1298 and IP 160. The sample is poured into a density tube and this tube is then placed in a thermostatic controlled heater column to heat up the sample to 50°C.

After checking the temperature a hydrometer is placed in the sample. Together with the hydrometer reading and a graph, one can now determine the density of the sample (fuel oil or lube oil) at 15ºC.

The kit consists of the following equipment:

  • Density heater (thermostatic controlled heater column)
  • ASTM 12C thermometer
  • 4 hydrometers, range from 0.850 - 1.050 kg/cm3
  • 2 density tubes
  • graph


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