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Friday, 04 September 2020 05:06

Omnitek U-Visc Series 200

Written by

Omnitek U-Visc Series 200

The PAM V2 is the second generation of our automatic distillation unit

Its modern ease of use, the reliable high quality hard-& software components and especially its outstanding automatic performance are what makes PAMv2 the unique distillation unit it is in today’s market.

One of the innovations is the smart Volume Scan, which scans the entire length of the cilinder simultaneously and continuously. This enables PAMv2 to actually registrate the bottom of the meniscus and perform powerful and fast interactions on the heating system.

Together with the in-depth customization options PAMv2 is capable of running even the most difficult samples succesfully within the method specifications.

PAM V2 will increase the repeatability and reliability of your distillation results, even with the most difficult samples!

Another innovation is the DistPad controlling software for iPad. Easy to use for low level operators and extremely customisable for experienced users.

PAMv2 is suitable for both high-output lab production and research purposes. And of course user rights can be protected with a password.

Software updates can be downloaded for free in the Apple AppStore.

Join many other satisfied customers and learn how PAMv2 answers your distillation needs.




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Thursday, 03 September 2020 13:05

Omnitek BitUVisc

Written by

Omnitek BitUVisc viscometer


Finally an instrument that eliminates the need for the tedious, labour intensive manual loading, measurement and cleaning of high viscosity samples

  • For high temperature, high viscosity applications
  • Fully automatic measurement and cleaning
  • Stand alone or PC control
  • Preheated dual solvent cleaning

Omnitek introduces the newest member to the U-Visc family of fully automatic viscometer systems. Specifically developed to cover sample types which pose great challenges to automatic sampling, measurement and cleaning, because of their high pour point and viscosity.

Flexible and reliable

The instrument was designed to be versatile and flexible, yet easy to use to cover the hardest applications. Different models are available with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes, allowing for the analysis of a wide range of viscosities and sample types.

Viscometer tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design. Using specially designed thermal sensors, these tubes allow the detection of fully opaque fluids without any

problems or limitations and eliminate the need to use the reverse flow tubes. The standard configuration offers viscosity measurement up to 150ºC and sample preheating up to 200ºC

Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out well within the required temperature stability. The system features an innovative single position auto-sampling which provides integrated heating of the sample up to 200ºC and uses preheated solvent to effectively clean the viscometer tube. The BitUVisc uses the special designed duplo viscometer tubes for unstable samples such as vacuum residues, additives, crude oils, waxes, heavy fuel oils, polymers, asphalts, etc., which typically show poor determinability when sampled repeatedly. These tubes have 2 measuring sections with an approximately similar tube constant. This allows for an actual duplo determination while only sampling once.

The instrument requires a PC for full operation, which is controlled through an advanced PC software application but it can also be controlled as a stand-alone unit through the responsive color touchscreen interface. PC software allows the operator to specify optimized and fully customizable test methods for each individual sample with the click of a mouse



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Thursday, 03 September 2020 13:04

Omnitek S-flow IV

Written by

Omnitek S-flow IV

The newest generation of S-flow systems offers the ultimate in fast, accurate viscosity testing and now also features an optional autosampler for fully unattended operation.

  • Optional autosampler
  • Simultaneous tests at 2 temperatures
  • High throughput: up to 80 samples per hour
  • Fast & easy tube replacement

The S-flow IV+ instrument consists of compact, bench-top automated viscometry systems for the analysis of Newtonian fluids. It complies fully with ASTM D7279 and as such, gives full correlation with ASTM D445. It is the ideal system for used oil labs that need to test a wide range of lubricant viscosities

Fast & accurate

The latest generation of S-flow builds on the strong foundation of its predecessors to offer the ultimate in automatic viscosity testing of Newtonian samples such as petroleum products. The system offers all the tried and tested advantages of a Houillon-type tube design such as short process times, small sample volume and low solvent consumption, but now also includes an optional auto-sampler to allow for fully unattended operation. All controlled from a central user interface that takes care of result storage, auto-sampler control, VI calculations and much more.

2 temperatures

The new S-flow IV+ consists of a 2 bath system with 2 tubes in each bath, providing a total of 4 tubes. The baths were designed to work independently, making it possible to use both baths at the same temperature, or at different temperature, ranging from 20°C to 120°C. Other options include dual solvent cleaning and integrated duplo testing which obtains 2 flow time determinations with only 1 sample injection.

Additional parameters such as tube constants and cleaning cycle are also controlled by the operator, because the sample volume is very low (0.3-1 ml). The entire measurement cycle is very short. The complete cycle time ranges are between 3-10 minutes per tube, allowing a throughput of up to 80 tests per hour. After the injection of the sample, operator presence is no longer required.

Options and accessories

All measurement parameters, such as warmup times and cleaning parameters can be set through the high resolution 12” touchscreen or with optional PC software. The diagnostic system alerts the operator to possible issues such as empty solvent supply tanks, full waste bottles and other potential issues. The optional auto-sampler is fully modular and in-field upgradeable, meaning you can purchase the analyser first and then upgrade to auto-sampling when the need arises.


pam v2 01


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Thursday, 03 September 2020 13:01

Omnitek U-Visc Series

Written by

Omnitek U-Visc kinematic viscometer


“The U-Visc viscometry system was designed with full ASTM D445 compliance in mind, combined with low solvent consumption, high unattended throughput, ease of use and reliability

  • Autosampler carrousel
  • Sampling using vacuum or pressure
  • High throughput
  • Optional duplo viscometer tubes for unstable samples

The Omnitek U-Visc combines several unique features, making it the instrument of choice in many applications, ranging from QC to R&D to used oil analysis. While offering full compliance with ASTM D445/446, the specially designed viscometer tubes cover a 100-fold range.

Versatile and reliable

The tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design, but only require 8-16 ml of sample and approx. 12-15 ml of solvent for each cleaning cycle. Available with single or dual solvent cleaning, the instrument measures kinematic viscosity in lubricants between 0.15 and 25,000 mm2 /s.

Designed to be versatile and flexible, yet easy to use. Different models are available ranging from 1 bath with 1 or 2 tubes, up to 2 baths with 1 or 2 tubes per bath, where each bath works independently. Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out according to D445 requirements. Each bath features a sampling tray with 16 samples per tube, allowing completely unattended operation at different temperatures. Depending on the viscosity of the sample, the instrument can process up to 10 samples per tube per hour, leading to a maximum capacity of up to 40 samples per hour, satisfying even the needs of high volume labs running several hundred samples per day.

The U-Visc requires a PC for operation but can also be controlled as a stand-alone unit through the responsive color touchscreen interface. For data collection, storage, calculations and reporting, an advanced PC software application is provided with the instrument, which can gather data from multiple instruments simultaneously.

For 200 series, if the baths are run at 40 and 100ºC, the instrument will automatically calculate the sample’s Viscosity Index, based on the results from both baths.


 U-Visc 110U-Visc 120U-Visc 210U-Visc 220
Nr. of baths 1 1 2 2
Tubes / bath 1 2 1 2
Nr. of samples 16 32 32 64
Dimensions 38 x 62 x 78 cm 38 x 62 x 78 cm 75 x 62 x 78 cm 75 x 62 x 78 cm
Nr. of samples 54 kg 54 kg 92 kg 92 kg


U-Visc 110 / 120

U-Visc 210 / 220


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Thursday, 03 September 2020 11:22

Automatic Viscometers

Written by

Automatic Viscometers

Automatic Viscometers

Omnitek U-Visc Series.

Omnitek U-Visc Series

Omnitek S-flow IV.

Omnitek S-flow IV

Omnitek BitUVisc.

Omnitek BitUVisc

Sunday, 02 December 2018 16:42

Bitumen Testing Apparatus

Written by

Bitumen Testing Equipment By infraTest

The bitumen we use in our roads and buildings is refined from carefully selected crude oils. A variety of different refining methods produce different kinds of bitumen and allow the manufacturer to produce specific characteristics in the bitumen. Producers often blend multiple crude oils together to produce consistent, high-quality bitumen that meets precise engineering specifications.


Bending Beam Rheometer

DIN EN 14771, NF T66-062, ASTM D 6648, AASHTO T313.

Test System for Determination of Flexural Creep Stiffness of Asphalt Binder at low temperatures.

The flexural strength, among other things, is determined in order to evaluate the behaviour of asphalt binder and similar products at low temperatures.

The Bending Beam Rheometer enables users to determine these material properties comfortably. The deflection of the specimen is measured for this purpose with a resolution of 1µm and test force is regulated with an accuracy of 1 mN

This makes determination of the flexural strength possible with reproducibility of 1% independent of the operator.

The specimen unit is moved by an electromotor and makes fitting and removing the specimens uncomplicated and simple.

The automatic system monitoring contains various diagnosis functions and prepares the required diagnosis records


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Automatic Digital Penetrometer

For the determination of the needle penetration of bituminous binders. (EN 1426 – ASTM D 5 – AASHTO T49)

A standard needle penetrates the sample under standardised conditions and load, time and temperature is measured.

The penetration arm is automatically controlled by a motor drive, either manually with a joystick or in automatic mode by means of the automatic surface recognition.

The device independently recognises the surface of the specimen via contactless measurement system and releases the plunger automatically.

After the preset time (5 seconds) the plunger is blocked again and the needle penetration is measured automatically and is then digitally displayed.

The plunger can easily be removed to calibrate its weight.

Plungers with other weights and further accessories e. g. for the evaluation of cone penetration are available on request.

Accessories such as a penetration needle 20-20711 and a preheating bath are also required to carry out the test.


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Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

Automatic Bitumen Ring and Ball Tester with glass-ceramic heating plate and magnetic stirring motor with variable speed range below.

Operation is by use of a touch panel. The microprocessor controlled system provides a temperature rise of 5 K/min. as per standard with continuous temperature



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Friday, 26 October 2018 09:29

Wiggens Rotary Evaporator

Written by

Rotary Evaporator - Vertical glassware

STRIKE 300 Vertical glassware (Steam sinking type)

The rotary evaporator STRIKE 300 combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. STRIKE 300 has been projected in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directive regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility.


* Compact and modern design. All controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user-friendly and handly use.

* The touch screen is wide and easy to read. The microprocessor is multi-programmable and GLP compliant.

* Powered Glassware - Compact and modern. All controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user-friendly and handy use.

* The optional vacuum controller is managed by the touch screen display that comes as standard

* The exclusive STEROGLASS sealing system allows a perfect vacuum-tight anti-corrosion seal without gaskets or other materials that can be damaged by solvent contact.

* Flask Assembly system used to assemble the evaporation flask. The evaporation flask is screwed onto the steam passing pipe to ensure easy assembly and dismounting operations as well as a perfect seal.

* The safety shield is standard for all models. It can be removed by the operator and fitted beside the instrument.

View Wiggens Rotary Evaporators Data Sheet

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wiggens rotary evaporator strike 300

Strike 300 - Rotary Evaporator

wiggens rotary evaporator control panel

Control Panel

Friday, 26 October 2018 09:28

Wiggens Mantles & Controllers

Written by

Wiggens Aluminum Housed Mantles

* Rigid housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the vessel
* Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels and reduce the chance of thermal shock
* Adaptable to most vessels including larger sizes
* Withstands 4500C internal operating temperature (6500C for Series STM), enough power for most applications
* Can be adapted to special applications with custom sizes, bottom holes, and special electrical devices
* Feet on smaller sizes designed to provide stability and promote cooler exterior temperatures

Wiggens Spherical Flask Mantles

* The Series TM spherical aflsk mantle covers only the flask's bottom half, letting you see its full contents.
* Larger sizes have multiple circuits for ease of temperature control when a flask is less than half full.
* Splash Guards can be used with TM102 through TM117.
* Poncho Safety Shields can be used with sizes 500 ml (TM107) and larger.

Temperature Controller for Heating Mantles (TCSS)

* Temperature accuracy lies at 0.1-0.5℃
* Suitable for heating and cooling tasks
* Can control heating units of up to 4 kW power
* Employs PID controlling, self-adjusting and self-learning feature, resulting in mitigated under-shooting or over-shooting
* Separate LED displays for set and actual temperature
* Interference-free controller according to EMC standards
* Multiple alarm settings, including upper limit, lower limit, deviation limits, etc.
* Monitoring parameters and limits can be defined
* PT100 temperature sensor with 170 mm length included
* Wide range of temperature sensors optionally available
* Choice between an RS-485 and an RS-232 connection output for use in larger systems


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wiggens heating mantle with controller

Wiggens Heating Mantle & Controler


wiggens digital temperature controller

Digital Temperature Controller

Friday, 26 October 2018 09:28

Wiggens Magnetic Stirrer

Written by

Wiggens Magnetic Stirrer WH610-D

Speed Range 100-2000rpm, Mixing Capacity 1-2000ml



*  LED display for convenient control and monitoring of the stirring speed
*  Leading microprocessor control technology ensures accuracy and stability of the stirring speed
*  Stirring plate surface made of stainless steel
*  Wide speed range between 150 and 1500 rpm.

View Data Sheet For Wiggens Magnetic Stirrer Here

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magnetic stirrer wh 610 d

Wiggens Magnetic Stirrer WH610-D


Friday, 26 October 2018 09:27

Wiggens Shaking Incubators

Written by

Wiggens Shaking Incubator (WS 600 R)

Temperature Range:RT+5℃~60℃,Shaker Speed:10~300rpm

Combining a benchtop incubator/refrigerator with a dual-action (orbital and reciprocating) shaker, the WS series shakers offer versatility for a variety of biological and biotech applications.

Shaking Features
* Dual shaking modes: orbital or reciprocating action.
* Speed range: 10 to 300 rpm.
* Programmable shaking motion.
- Timer range: 10 sec to 999 hr 59 min 59 sec.
- Forward & Backward, Pause: 10 sec to 59 min 59 sec.
* Selectable orbit diameter or stroke length: 20, 30, 40mm.
* Operating Features
* Temperature control:
* +5℃ above ambient to 60℃ . (for WS-300 and WS-600)
* +15℃ to 60℃ . (for WS-300R and WS-600R)
* Microprocessor PID control.
* Simple calibration and auto-tuning functions.
* Digital timer with Delayed ON/OFF function: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min.
* High temperature limit setting and open door alarm.
* Convenient preset function for 3 most commonly used temperature settings.
* Up to 9 temperature steps and maximum 200 cycles of repetition programmable for each pro_le.
* Adjustable 3-step fan speed with defrosting time and period control.
* Intuitive control panel with bright LED display (0.1℃ resolution) and touch-sensitive keypad.
* RS-232 interface.

Optional Accessories

* Universal / Dedicated Platforms, Rubber Mats, Universal Attachments
* Flask Clamps, Funnel Clamps
* Test Tube Racks, Spring Wire Racks
* Microplate Holders (three styles)
* Lab Sticker

Data Sheet Downloads

Wiggens Shaking Incubator WS 600-R

Wiggens Shaking Incubator WS 600

Wiggens Shaking Incubator WS 300R

Wiggens Shaking Incubator WS 300


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wiggens shaking incubator ws600r

wiggens shaking incubator ws600

wiggens shaking incubator ws300R


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