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Omnitek U-Visc Series 200

Omnitek U-Visc Series 200

The PAM V2 is the second generation of our automatic distillation unit

Its modern ease of use, the reliable high quality hard-& software components and especially its outstanding automatic performance are what makes PAMv2 the unique distillation unit it is in today’s market.

One of the innovations is the smart Volume Scan, which scans the entire length of the cilinder simultaneously and continuously. This enables PAMv2 to actually registrate the bottom of the meniscus and perform powerful and fast interactions on the heating system.

Together with the in-depth customization options PAMv2 is capable of running even the most difficult samples succesfully within the method specifications.

PAM V2 will increase the repeatability and reliability of your distillation results, even with the most difficult samples!

Another innovation is the DistPad controlling software for iPad. Easy to use for low level operators and extremely customisable for experienced users.

PAMv2 is suitable for both high-output lab production and research purposes. And of course user rights can be protected with a password.

Software updates can be downloaded for free in the Apple AppStore.

Join many other satisfied customers and learn how PAMv2 answers your distillation needs.




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