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ASTM Distillation System PD 1120 CC

ASTM Distillation System PD 1120 CC

Fully-automatic system for the determination of the equilibrium boiling point of engine coolants conforming to ASTM D1120 and brake fluids according to SAE-J1704 and other standards.

The system is designed for fully-automatic operation conforming to ASTM-D1120 to determine very precise and reproduceable the boiling point of engine coolants and brake fluids.

A complete test can be done in approx. 8-15 minutes. An indelible print out with all results is peformed automatically and additionally a PDF-file can be created for network connectivity.

The product is being charged and heated up to the boiling point. The drop rate of the condensed product is being detected and registered by means of an optical sensor. Up to the point when the optimal and preselectable drop rate per second is achieved the system will control the heating power by pulse duration modulation. The system controls the operation until the required equilibrium is stabilized. The temperature of the liquid is being measured by means of of very pricise temperature sensor.

By using a barometric sensor the boiling point correction is being calculated and presented via programmed formula. All parameters are variable in order to follow different applications and test procedures in the same system.


PILODIST 1120 CC can be operated in different measuring modes to be selected via an integrated touchpanel. All parameters are indicated during the measuring process as well as the results. The basically included test methods are:

  • Tick Reflux boiling point (astm-d1120)
  • Tick Equilibrium reflux boiling point (sae-j1704)

As a special feature there is an additional software available for measurements also the following characteristics according to SAE-J1703 & J1704 (Option 1):

  • Tick Wet boiling point
  • Tick Chemical stability
  • Tick High temperature stability

All methods are also valid for the test standards:

  • Tick ISO 4925
  • Tick FMVSS 116

Pilodist 1120cc


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