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Lawler Automated Pour Point Analyser

Lawler Automated Pour Point Analyser

The Lawler Automated Pour Point Analyzer fully conforms to method ASTM D97 even to the extent of lifting the test sample from the cold jacket and tilting the sample to test for its flow.

Movement of the sample is detected by a non-contact sensor. If movement is not detected, the test tube is automatically returned to the cold bath and the bath is lowered to the next lower temperature to repeat the test.

All operations are controlled via a touch panel, which displays sample, bath, and the pour point result temperatures.

  • Blue TickFully Conforms to the Manual ASTM D97 method.
  • Blue TickNo Cryostat required.
  • Blue TickNo Hazardous alcohol required.
  • Blue TickCompact design.
  • Blue TickFully Automated.
  • Blue TickSelf Contained.

Robotics of the Pour Point Analyzer

Available in various combinations of test heads in a single unit for CFPP, Cloud, Pour, and Freeze Points. All positions are independent of each other.




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