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Bitumen Testing Apparatus

Bitumen Testing Equipment By infraTest

The bitumen we use in our roads and buildings is refined from carefully selected crude oils. A variety of different refining methods produce different kinds of bitumen and allow the manufacturer to produce specific characteristics in the bitumen. Producers often blend multiple crude oils together to produce consistent, high-quality bitumen that meets precise engineering specifications.


Bending Beam Rheometer

DIN EN 14771, NF T66-062, ASTM D 6648, AASHTO T313.

Test System for Determination of Flexural Creep Stiffness of Asphalt Binder at low temperatures.

The flexural strength, among other things, is determined in order to evaluate the behaviour of asphalt binder and similar products at low temperatures.

The Bending Beam Rheometer enables users to determine these material properties comfortably. The deflection of the specimen is measured for this purpose with a resolution of 1µm and test force is regulated with an accuracy of 1 mN

This makes determination of the flexural strength possible with reproducibility of 1% independent of the operator.

The specimen unit is moved by an electromotor and makes fitting and removing the specimens uncomplicated and simple.

The automatic system monitoring contains various diagnosis functions and prepares the required diagnosis records


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Automatic Digital Penetrometer

For the determination of the needle penetration of bituminous binders. (EN 1426 – ASTM D 5 – AASHTO T49)

A standard needle penetrates the sample under standardised conditions and load, time and temperature is measured.

The penetration arm is automatically controlled by a motor drive, either manually with a joystick or in automatic mode by means of the automatic surface recognition.

The device independently recognises the surface of the specimen via contactless measurement system and releases the plunger automatically.

After the preset time (5 seconds) the plunger is blocked again and the needle penetration is measured automatically and is then digitally displayed.

The plunger can easily be removed to calibrate its weight.

Plungers with other weights and further accessories e. g. for the evaluation of cone penetration are available on request.

Accessories such as a penetration needle 20-20711 and a preheating bath are also required to carry out the test.


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Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

Automatic Bitumen Ring and Ball Tester with glass-ceramic heating plate and magnetic stirring motor with variable speed range below.

Operation is by use of a touch panel. The microprocessor controlled system provides a temperature rise of 5 K/min. as per standard with continuous temperature



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