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The E Series sizes are 65L, 151L and 205L with a temperature range ambient 3°C to 60°C. Film heaters located externally on the chamber sides makes the unit completely vibration free.The G Series sizes are 60L, 102L and 151L with a temperature range ambient 5°C to 70°C. The chamber is air jacketed and uses convection heating. The G Series also comes with Labtracer software to both control and data log the unit via PC.

Incubated Shaker - Benchtop Type

Digital incubating/ refrigerating benchtop shakers.

Combines a benchtop incubator, refrigerator with dual-action in orbital and reciprocating shakers.

Fulfills a variety of molecular biology, general incubation, and cell culture applications.

Economy Incubator

Space saving design and dependable, trouble-free heating system.

IB-E series completely warp inner chambers in film type heaters that is perfectly safe from any mechanical vibration and noise, in addition to prevents frequent mechanical trouble.


si 600r shaker

economy incubator


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