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Infratest Testing Systems

Road & Pavement Testing Systems, For Soil, Aggregate, Asphalt, Bitumen, Concrete & Cement.

We supply industry leading test equipment for key tests used to determine the material characteristics and properties of materials for use in road and pavement construction. Test results are an important part of mix design and can help predict road and pavement quality.

Asphalt Analyser - Asphaltanalysator ecoTest. 20-1100.ting Systems

For extraction and binder content determination of bituminous materials. EN 12697/1 • ASTM • AASHTO

As solvent for this closed system high stabilized trichlorethylene or perchlorethylene or methylenchloride can be used.

Aggregate Testing System - Aggregate Abrasion Machine. 42-0605

Used to determine the resistance of aggregates to abrasion.

This version is prepared to be installed in a locally provided safety area and is equipped with a door safety switch to be installed and comprises of a steel frame sample tray and Los-Angeles steel cylinder, which is rotated on its horizontal axis with 30 1/min. by an electric motor.

Includes automatic counter which stops the machine when it reaches the required number of rotations.

Abrasive Charges supplied separately

Bitumen Testing System - Dynamic Shear Rheometer DSR. 20-4440

EN 14770, ASTM D7175, D7552-09 PC-controlled rotation rheometer consisting of:

  • Blue TickTripod with stable basic plate and high precision drive unit with measuring system including module for easy and fast changing adjustment the measuring plates
  • Blue TickHeight adjustable adapter for setting the measuring plate system 20-4445 with precision positioning unit
  • Blue TickNo Hazardous alcohol required.
  • Blue TickSeparate measuring and electronic controller

Cement Compression Testing System

Sturdy frame with two-column compression test frame and attached flexure/bending installation.

Load is generated via an alectro-hydraulic pump integrated in the oil tank. For load measurement, two pressure gauges 250 mm diameter are provided with maximum Value pointer.

The load increase is controlled by a precision pressure governor with fine regulating valve and hand wheel.

The upper pressure plate is mounted to a ball and socket joint, allowing an inclination of 3°. Both pressure plates are hardened (58 HRc) and surface grinded.

The upper and one lower bending rollers are movable. Cement Testing System includes a protecting grid around the test chamber.


Concrete Compression Testing System

Compression / Bending Test Machine 3000/100kN - EN 7500/1 grad. 1 – 12390/4 • ASTM C 78 Sturdy, bolted 4-columns test frame with supporting structure and attached bending test frame 100 kN. The upper pressure plate is mounted to a ball and socket joint, allowing an inclination of 3°. Both pressure plates are hardened (53HRc) and surface grinded.

The hydraulic piston is made of solid steel and specially treated to eliminate stress and special seals are used to guarantee low friction. The bending test frame is equipped with one upper and two adjustable lower bending rollers Load is generated via an electro-hydraulic pump integrated in the oil tank and controlled by a precision pressure governor with fine regulating valve and hand wheel.

Soil Testing System - Direct/Residual Shear Apparatus.

DIN 18137 • EN 17892/10 • BS 1377 • ASTM D 3080 for determining the shearing strength of soil.

The apparatus consists of a stable frame with stepper motor drive agitating the carriage with the bottom part of the shear box. Shearing force, displacement and settlement are measured by means of electronic transducers. The machine is controlle by PC and software, PROPRESS including data aquisition. Normal load is applied with a loading beam ratio 9:1 and 10:1 and surcharge weights (automatically controlled with option 10-25650). To ensure that the force is led centrally into the sample, the loading piston is guided in by ball elements. Guiding of the two shear box halves prevents the top part from tilting up during shearing. The shearing joint between the two shear boxes can simply be set between 0 and approximatelt 1 mm at the water carriage. The machine is supplied with user programmable operations software "PROPRESS ".

A PC with monitor, keyboard and windows operating system has to be provided. Shear box assembly and load weights are to be ordered in addition.


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Asphalt Analyser

Asphalt Analyser


Aggregate Abrasion Testing System

Aggregate Testing System


Bitumen Testing System

Bitumen Testing Machine


Cement Testing System

Cement Testing Machine


Concrete Compression & Bending Testing System

Concrete Testing Machine


Soil Testing Apparatus

Concrete Testing Machine


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