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Labplant Refrigerated immersion Probes

Labplant Refrigerated Immersion Probes

LabPlant UK refrigerated immersion probes are extremely simple to operate. The probe is immersed in a suitable liquid, (usually Methanol but others are available), in a Dewar vessel or other well insulated liquid container. The refrigeration system is then switched on.

When using versions with PID controllers, the PT100 sensor is also immersed and the controller set to the required temperature. With all units best temperature stability is achieved if the liquid is stirred (highly recommended).

Labplant offer two versions of refrigerated immersion probe, each unit is available as controlled or uncontrolled.

RP60 & RP100

Basic units with continuous cooling requiring external temperature control.

RP60CD & RP100CD

Controlled units with Digital PID controller and temperature probe; they control temperatures by adjusting the flow of refrigerant to the cooling probe using a solenoid valve.

Both units are available with the choice of probes. Standard flexible, Long flexible & Short rigid.

Other custom manufactured probes are available upon request.


  • Image of a tick iconRugged mild steel powder coated construction
  • Image of a tick iconDigital PID control system (CD models only)
  • Image of a tick iconDesigned for safe continuous operation
  • Image of a tick iconEliminates potentially dangerous handling and storage of dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • Image of a tick iconChoice of 3 probes to suit most applications
  • Image of a tick iconCustom designed probes available


  • Image of a tick iconTrap cooling
  • Image of a tick iconLow temperature reactions
  • Image of a tick iconLow temperature material fracture test
  • Image of a tick iconThermometer calibration
  • Image of a tick iconExperiments in tundra plant germination
  • Image of a tick iconElectronic components testing
  • Image of a tick iconFreeze Drying

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