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Lawler Fuels & Lubricants Testing Apparatus

Lawler Manufacturing Corporation is celebrating its 61st year of supplying laboratory apparatus for the fuels and lubricants industry.

Lawler Manufacturing Corporation has been a leader in supplying precision controlled high and low temperature laboratory apparatus to the international as well as domestic marketplace.

Lawler’s specialty is low temperature testing apparatus for the fuels and lubricants industry.

Our customers have come to depend on the quality and reliability of our products. Furthermore, they have come to rely on Lawler’s integrity, for we stand behind our products with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Many Lawler-made apparatus are still in operation after 25 years of trouble-free service.

lawler automated pour point analyser

Automated Pour Point Analyser

Low Temperature Brookfield Bath

Low Temperature Brookfield Bath

Lawler Foam Testing Air Bath

Lawler Foam Testing Air Bath

lawler rust prevention bath

Lawler Rust Prevention Bath

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