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Omnitek BitUVisc

Omnitek BitUVisc viscometer


Finally an instrument that eliminates the need for the tedious, labour intensive manual loading, measurement and cleaning of high viscosity samples

  • For high temperature, high viscosity applications
  • Fully automatic measurement and cleaning
  • Stand alone or PC control
  • Preheated dual solvent cleaning

Omnitek introduces the newest member to the U-Visc family of fully automatic viscometer systems. Specifically developed to cover sample types which pose great challenges to automatic sampling, measurement and cleaning, because of their high pour point and viscosity.

Flexible and reliable

The instrument was designed to be versatile and flexible, yet easy to use to cover the hardest applications. Different models are available with 1 or 2 viscometer tubes, allowing for the analysis of a wide range of viscosities and sample types.

Viscometer tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design. Using specially designed thermal sensors, these tubes allow the detection of fully opaque fluids without any

problems or limitations and eliminate the need to use the reverse flow tubes. The standard configuration offers viscosity measurement up to 150ºC and sample preheating up to 200ºC

Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out well within the required temperature stability. The system features an innovative single position auto-sampling which provides integrated heating of the sample up to 200ºC and uses preheated solvent to effectively clean the viscometer tube. The BitUVisc uses the special designed duplo viscometer tubes for unstable samples such as vacuum residues, additives, crude oils, waxes, heavy fuel oils, polymers, asphalts, etc., which typically show poor determinability when sampled repeatedly. These tubes have 2 measuring sections with an approximately similar tube constant. This allows for an actual duplo determination while only sampling once.

The instrument requires a PC for full operation, which is controlled through an advanced PC software application but it can also be controlled as a stand-alone unit through the responsive color touchscreen interface. PC software allows the operator to specify optimized and fully customizable test methods for each individual sample with the click of a mouse



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