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AirSTAR CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point) Analyser

The standalone, fully automatic AirSTAR CFPP is our brand new instrument for Cold Filter Plugging Point Testing.

While fully compliant with conventional CFPP methods and equipped with all control options that are also present in similar instruments, AirSTAR CFPP offers today’s latest and most innovative technology such as NANOtech insulation, microprocessor controlled vacuum pump, solid state liquid-free cooling engine, wireless power and wireless control.

With integrated, solid state cooling down to -105ºC/-157ºF, a bench space of only 15cm/5,9″ (the width of the integrated iPad Mini), the innovative & easy hand-held CFPP module and a no-cables-no-hoses configuration, AirSTAR CFPP offers customers an instrument that is powerful, easy to use, flexible and future-proof. And, of course, with highly accurate and comparable test results.

Operation is easy and fast with the wireless hand-held CFPP module, in which all necessary components for the CFPP test are encaged. The intuitive software on the iPad Mini ensures a short learning curve for operators, so they’re able to create and customize programs and settings quickly. Multiple users and user acces levels can be created by the administrator.

Automatic cleaning is done when the CFPP pod is placed in either the ColdBlock cooling bath or the external cleaning station.

The iPad Mini can control up to 8 CFPP pods simultaneously, which gives customers the flexibility to make any combination of multiple ColdBlock cooling baths, multiple cleaning stations and CFPP pods. With this modular approach a customer’s investment in AirSTAR is always future proof.

Modern, versatile data handling option such as; send to LIMS / Windows PC, make PDF, send email, multiple printing options and more, enable AirSTAR CFPP to fit in flexibly in any existent data workflow.

AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer

The AirSTAR CPPP software application is designed for easy & flexible control. It offers extensive options for data recording and display, and many options to customize programs. Test results and progress animation are displayed real-time.


The ColdBlock integrated cooling unit is friendly to environment, people and maintenance department. With the capacity to cool down to -105ºC, no external chillers are required. ColdBlock is completely liquid-free.


AirSTAR CPPP is modular: ColdBlock and CPPP Head are modules that can be combined and used independently from one another. Imagine for instance two ColdBlocks and three CPPP Heads, where one Head is always clean and ready for start on either one of the two ColdBlocks.


AirSTAR CPPP is full of innovative technology that makes CPPP testing easier, faster, and more reliable. One example is the cable-free design. Users simply take out the CPPP Head from the ColdBlock and put it in the optional Docking station, and vice versa. All without having to (dis)connect any cables or hoses.


AirSTAR CPPP strictly conforms to applicable ASTM, EN, IP and JIS methods, and results are reliable and precise. Results are stored on the iPad and printed on almost any printer. Other options: connect to Windows PC, send to LIMS and/or email results directly from the iPad.

CPPP Head features

  • tick One Head for both cloud point and pour point testing
  • tick High resolution camera for accurate detection of cloud point and pour point
  • tick Integrated microprocessor-controlled mechanism for lifting and tilting the jar
  • tick Powercast® technology for wireless power to CPPP Head
  • tick PT-100 with easy click-connection, built-in storage for calibration data & unique ID
  • tick Easy assembling
  • tick Create linear and stepped cooling profiles
  • tick Simultaneous CP and PP testing possible
  • tick Programmable warm-up of cooling bath before and after test
  • tick Specify end-test conditions in program
  • tick Monitor and record sample cooling rate data
  • tick Define “Start at” temperature for each test
  • tick Multiple users with variable access rights can be created by the administrator
  • tick Connect multiple CPPP Heads to one ColdBlock

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Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 01


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 02


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 03


Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester 04


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