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Pilodist Versatile Distillation System

Pilodist Versatile Distillation System

A versatile distillation apparatus with high separation efficiency. Suitable for solving difficult separation problems and for the production of pure substances, aromatic compounds of high molecular weight, fatty acids etc.

The system is supplied with a packed column with wire mesh packing and optionally with a concentric tune column, which can alternatively be applied according to requirements.

The concentric-tube-column is especially versatile unit with highest separation efficiency and up-to-date processor control.

The special advantages of the concentric-tube-column are:

  • Tick Extremely low pressure drop
  • Tick Highest separation efficiency
  • Tick Minimum hold-up
  • Tick All-glass construction
  • Tick Static design (no rotating parts inside the column)

The separation efficiency in the concentric-tube-column is based on the physical principle of the mass transfer between vertically rising vapour and the spirally trickling film of liquid in a concentric annular gap made of glass. The column consists of two concentrically melted-in, especially selected and calibrated glass tubes.

The concentric-tube-column is perfectly suitable for the separation of temperature sensitive substances.

Gentle distillation by temperature controlled electrical bath with product circulation. Operation range from ATM up to vacuum.

Equipped with processor based distillation control device DCD4001 with heating controller for oil bath and heating mantle, automatic reflux control, vacuum controller, fraction collector control as well as safety devices.


Pilodist Versatile Distillation System

Pilodist Versatile Distillation System


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