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Steroglass Rotary Evaporator

Steroglass Strike 202 Rotary Evaporator

2L Rotary Evaporator - No maintenance required.

STRIKE complies in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directives regarding equipment construction.

Anti-Implosion Plastic coated Safety Glassware

(Optional: Cooler and Collecting flask).

Safety Protective Hood

Forms a single block with the unit providing the user with the necessary protection from the breakage of glass parts during vacuum evaporation process.

Polycarbonate Shield

Guarantees maximum transparency and safe working conditions.

Vacuum and Solvent Tight Seal

Exclusive mechanical sealing system forms a vacuum tight seal with no use of gaskets and also prevent solvent from leaking into working environment.

Shielded Thermostatic Bath

Encased thermostatic heating bath with shield which inhibits user contact.

steroglass strike

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