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Wiggens Overhead Stirrer

Wiggens Overhead Stirrer (WB2000M)

Speed Range: 40 - 2000 rpm. maximum capacity: 50L H2O

This Wiggens overhead stirrer is perfect for your stirring and mixing tasks in the lab for low to high viscosities.

* Brushless DC motor, which is very suitable for long-term experimental applications
* Stable and accurate stirring process due to latest micro-processor technology
* Totally enclosed and compact casing
* Stable and quiet working process
* Internal overload protection
* Adjustable impeller shaft for different heights
* Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
* Suitable for applications in various environments
* Comes with a reversible rotation function
* The standard package entails:  Overhead stirrer, a stand, rod, and clamp, and a stainless steel impeller.
* Availability of a wide range of different optional impellers

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wiggens overhead stirrer wb 2000m



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