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Wiggens Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator - Vertical glassware

STRIKE 300 Vertical glassware (Steam sinking type)

The rotary evaporator STRIKE 300 combines excellent operating characteristics and high performance levels, all in an ergonomic design. STRIKE 300 has been projected in complete respect of safety needs and in compliance with the existing directive regarding equipment construction and electromagnetic compatibility.


* Compact and modern design. All controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user-friendly and handly use.

* The touch screen is wide and easy to read. The microprocessor is multi-programmable and GLP compliant.

* Powered Glassware - Compact and modern. All controls are placed on the central column to guarantee user-friendly and handy use.

* The optional vacuum controller is managed by the touch screen display that comes as standard

* The exclusive STEROGLASS sealing system allows a perfect vacuum-tight anti-corrosion seal without gaskets or other materials that can be damaged by solvent contact.

* Flask Assembly system used to assemble the evaporation flask. The evaporation flask is screwed onto the steam passing pipe to ensure easy assembly and dismounting operations as well as a perfect seal.

* The safety shield is standard for all models. It can be removed by the operator and fitted beside the instrument.

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wiggens rotary evaporator strike 300

Strike 300 - Rotary Evaporator

wiggens rotary evaporator control panel

Control Panel

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