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Physical and Chemical

Physical and Chemical

We can offer you a wide range of ASTM methods reference standards for petrochemical analysis.

  • TickASTM Methods for petrochemical analysis
  • TickDistillation standards
  • TickMatrix CRMs for oils and liquid fuels
  • TickPetroleum physical test standards
  • TickTest kits for petrochemicals
  • TickMetallo-Organic Standards
  • TickUsed Oil, Certified Reference Material
  • TickBiodiesel Standards
  • TickMetals in Biodiesel
  • TickSulfur in Biodiesel
  • TickMetals in Oil Standards, Crude Oil, Residual Oil
  • TickMiscellaneous Products for Metallo-Organic Analysis
  • TickBase Oils and Blank Oils/Stabilizers
  • TickPremiSolv ICP Solvent
  • TickChlorine in Oil Standards
  • TickFlash Point certified reference material
  • TickDiesel multi parameter certified reference material
  • TickColour standards
  • TickFTIR Standards
  • TickSulfur in Diesel Fuel, Mineral Oil, Crude Oil, Residual Oil, Iso-octane, Oil Standards
  • TickTotal Acid Number (TAN) Standards and Total Base Number (TBN) Standards
  • TickCustom Blends

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viscocity standards

Viscocity Standards

ph buffer

pH Buffer

synthetic sea water

Synthetic Sea Water

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