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Sales: Sale of products to current customers in the oil and petroleum testing equipment industry. Increase the customer database by contacting / visiting potential new customers within other areas of the industry.

Engineer: Provide technical advice and support in respect of analytical laboratory equipment including diagnosis of problems, repairs and servicing/calibration of customer equipment.

The position will entail travelling around the UK on a regular basis.

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On board test equipment for fuels

and lubricants from Zematra bv


Zematra bv, established in 1983, has developed into a professional marketing organisation covering all facets of fuel/lube oil handling and testing.

Because of the close link with the marine industry, Zematra supplies a wide range of equipment for use on board ships.


Besides the available standard kits and cabinets Zematra
can also produce custom made kits and cabinets.

Labplant-Zematra Test Kits

Labplant Zematra Testing Kits - Click on image for details
Fuel & Oil Tester Water in Oil Tester Acidity Tester Stability Tester
Fuel & Oil Water in Oil Acidity Stability
Vicosity Tester Density Tester Sampling Equipment
Zematra Logo
Viscosity Density Sampling