Labplant Refrigerated Immersion Probes

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Labplant Refrigerated Immersion Probes


LabPlant refrigerated immersion probes are extremely simple to operate. The probe is immersed in a suitable liquid (usually methanol but others are available) in a dewar vessel or other well insulated liquid container. The refrigeration system is then switched on. When using versions with controllers, the Pt100 sensor is also immersed and the controller set to the required temperature. Best temperature stability is achieved if the liquid is stirred.

RP-100 / RP-60 Basic Unit

Simple refrigeration unit with continuous cooling and requiring external temperature control.

RP-100CD / RP-60CD

Refrigeration unit with self tuning PID digital controller and temperature sensing probe which control temperatures by adjusting the flow of refrigerant to the cooling probe using a solenoid valve.

Available Probes

There are three different probes available: Standard flexible, Long flexible, Short rigid

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