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Tablet & Capsule Counter

Tablet and capsule counter for up to 99,999 pieces.

The EASYCOUNT-CD5 counts dry forms of all sizes and formats through a system of interchangeable discs. The disc replacement is very simple and only takes a few seconds. In addition to the standard disk for more common forms of capsules, tablets or capsules, special discs can be developed to allow the counting of objects of different shapes: cylindrical, spherical, ovoid or other.
Specifications of EASYCOUNT-CD5

Dimensions: 340 x 370 x 405 mm (excluding stainless steel feed tank)
Weight: 15 kg
Voltage: 110-230 V
Frequency: From 50 to 60 Hz
Power: 50 W
Fund: brushed stainless
Display: Backlit LCD


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