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Labplant UK

Spray Dryer Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Property Testing Equipment For Petrochemical Products

We are specialists in analytical laboratory instrumentation and supplies for the aviation, automotive, biofuel, military, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, paint and marine industries, we are also the world leader in the manufacture and supply of laboratory spray dryers.

The instruments we supply will test a wide variety of parameters of your (Petro) chemical product. These range from the testing of viscosity, distillation, corrosion, sediment, oxidation, vapour pressure, density, cold filter plugging point, cloud point, pour point, freeze point, aviation fuel tube deposit rating, stability testing up to flash point. To name just a few.

Featured Products - Bitumen Testing Equipment

The bitumen we use in our roads and buildings is refined from carefully selected crude oils. A variety of different refining methods produce different kinds of bitumen and allow the manufacturer to produce specific characteristics in the bitumen. Producers often blend multiple crude oils together to produce consistent, high-quality bitumen that meets precise engineering specifications. Here are three of the best Bitumen Testing Apparatus available today.

Infratest Automatic Digital Penetrometer.

Automatic Digital

Bending Beam Rheometer

Bending Beam

Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

Automatic Ring
and Ball Tester

About Us

Labplant has been trading successfully since the late 1960's. From its origins in scientific glassblowing, we have grown to become one of the UK's leading independent laboratory equipment suppliers.

We provide an enviable portfolio of market leading manufacturers and suppliers of physical property testing equipment for petrochemical products, as well as our own world leading spray dryers.

Our suppliers are actively involved in important standardization bodies like ASTM, EI, CEN etc. This enables us to inform our customers about the latest developments in existing methods and advise them of new methods. Our suppliers also belong to the group of best known brands in the industry

We are extremely proud to be able to offer not only the supply of, but also the preventative maintenance, service, repair and calibration of this equipment. We do this with a highly trained team of global reaching engineers whose numbers are ever increasing.

You are always welcome to our showroom on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds in Hunmanby for previewing and demonstrations of equipment. We can also arrange competitive equipment leasing and hiring options.

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